Can't catch a break.

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by Scott77, May 17, 2011.

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    Like many of you I have a laundry list of things that need some attention on my truck, but can't a guy just catch a break??? When I replaced my front shocks I was pleasantly surprised :)grrrrrr:) to find that the previous owner had removed the sleeves from the shock bushings and crushed the shock mounts in... that was a butt load of fun, no room to swing a hammer, ended up modifying a brake caliper spreader to get it opened up enough to put the new ones in. A few months later I decided the rears were well overdue, went and picked some up, but of course when I poked my head up her rear I find more pigeon toe'd shock mounts. Not really wanting to get into it so close to dark I instead decided (shoot I was already greasy, may as well accomplish something!) to tweak the adjusting screw on my steering box to get rid of some of the play, shouldn't be anything major, and I was right! Quick and easy! So I go out for a test drive, steering feels great, then a mile from home my brake pedal hits the floor. Limp it home nice and slow, jump out and find that I have blown a wheel cyl. So a simple shock replacement turns out not so simple and as a trade off for decent steering I have to give up brakes. So I guess saturday went from "quiet and relaxing" to "where's my big f'n hammer?" I don't know the moral of this story.
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    Where is the screw at on the steering box?? I think i need to do that on mine.
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    Pigeon toed shock mounts lol :) I can see that picture in my mind of exactly what he did, but I think the previous owner probably just bought the wrong shocks for it, cuz it doesn't sound like the lame brain would have had the knowledge or the ability to pull the sleeves out.

    ** The adj screw is right in the top Nathan. Make sure your steering is straight ahead or you will get it too tight cuz the worm & sector is looser when turned. Loosen the lock nut, & just tighten the screw till it just feels snug NOT too tight. If you get it too tight you will feel the steering wheel drag whenever you're going through the straight ahead position
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    I've never seen a shock that just had the rubber bushing and no bolt sleeve, they were definitely removed.

    ntbush, right on top of the gearbox, 5/8 locknut with a 3/16 allen in the middle. Check the rest of your steering system before you go to this, mine had a ton of play in the shaft into the box with no movement on the output side. Now there is very little freeplay, handles MUCH better, and I anticipate towing to be far less a harrowing experience!!! That is of course after I get the brakes and shocks taken care of......

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