Can't decide on wheels/rims

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by wheakory, May 10, 2009.

  1. wheakory

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    I can't decide on the wheel/rims below for my Sliverado 2002 half-ton 4x4 red truck. I currently have
    the Goodyear Conquest AT LT 265/75 R16 tires on my truck (Tire Size 16": Bolt Patttern 6 on 5.5). It's of course not been lifted.

    Below are the choices I'm looking at. I want the most durable Wheels Whether there Polished, Clear Coat or Black Teflon I want them not to chip or have problems. I also want them to look good. Here's a couple I like.

    Please help decide or a suggestion. I live in weather where we really only have 3 months of summer (Pocatello, Idaho) so I'm assuming they would be exposed to a lot of salt. I don't use my truck off road, just for camping and hunting maybe 2 to 3 times a year.
    Dick Cepek DC-1 wheels. These have Tough clear coating maximizes protection even in the harshest climates
    American Racing Victor ATX Teflon wheels. These have a teflon coating and will not rust and excellent all year.
  2. poncho08

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    id go with the first one my salf
  3. 1995 silverado

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    i agree... i like the first ones... they seem to be pretty common here in hawaii too. saw a bunch of trucks with them, they looked pretty cherry!
  4. wheakory

    wheakory New Member

    My concern is if they will hold up in the winter. I know the teflon will from what I heard. Do others have either on of these rims if so let me know your experience and show some pictures please.
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  6. wheakory

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