Cant figure out how to adjust my headlights on my 98 Sierra

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by Nolimit26927, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Nolimit26927

    Nolimit26927 New Member

    My headlights are shining down on my 98 Sierra, cant figure out how to aim them upwards. Any tips would be appreciated.
  2. Scott_Anderson

    Scott_Anderson Rockstar 100 Posts

    Well, there should be 2 different adjusters. Both are accessed from the topside. You will most likely need a socket that fits and an long extension. Tip... Tape the socket to the extension so it doesn't fall off as easily. DAMHIK....
    It may also be easier to "help" the adjusting if you have the grill off and can then get at the mechanism with your hands.
    I can't tell you wich one adjusts up/down or left right, you will have to experiment.

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