Can't find diamond plate tailgate cap!

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by kylegillean, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. kylegillean

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    I have been looking everywhere. My black plastic tailgate spoiler/cap cracked and I'm buying a diamond plate tool box for the back so I figured I would go with Diamond plate bed rail caps and tailgate caps but cant find anything for a tailgate cap. I found one on Google but it doesnt seem like its long enough in the back to cover the screw holes for the stock one. I wish I could just make these instead on spending 200.
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    beware...those metal caps scratch up good if warped and flexed... maybe get a coat of bedliner underneath it first?
  4. vncj96

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    Just go buy a piece of diamond plate at your local hardware store then take it to a metal shop and have them bend it, drill some holes and put some black foam with adhsive inbetween it and the tailgate and you should be set, way cheaper too.
  5. kylegillean

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    Every one is different for every style of truck. The truck in that picture is the 88-98 body style so it may be longer.

    However, if Deflecta Shield makes them like Dee Zee, they're meant to go over the top of the factory tailgate protector. Dee Zee makes one for the tailgate cap that hugs the top of the tailgate (usually came on the HD trucks) and one that is basically just a 90* bend in it to go on the top of the flat spoiler tailgate protector.

    The only metal one I've seen that goes on the tailgate and is long enough to cover the holes is made by Putco, but its polished stainless steel and expen$ive.

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