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Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by smitht06, Jan 21, 2012.

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    What's going on guys/ladies.

    I am looking for some help on rims and tires.... Yeah I know everyone asks about them and there is probably a MILLION posts out there but nothing has given me the right answer. I've done a lot of reseach on what type of rims and tires I want but I was wondering if some of the sizes fit.

    Right now I want to buy the Ultra Wheels Gauntlet style... With either Nitto Terra or Trail grapplers. My problem is what size and tire do I go with before I have an rubbing issues.

    So far I installed the Pro Comp Leveling kit with a 3in body lift. I'm not looking to get a suspension lift any time soon.
    I came across these 2 sizes 18x9 with lt285/65r18 and 20x9 lt295/55r20. Will 33x12.50x18 or 33x12.5x20 rub at full turn????

    My truck is an 06 GMC Sierra 1500 ext. cab standard box 4x4.

    Thanks for any info. Pics will help also if anyone is runnig the same type of setup.
  2. SurrealOne

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    Yes. For those sizes you will need to do some trimming of the inner fender well and the front bumper skirt or they will rub when you're doing things like making a full turn while on an incline (which brings the body closer to the tires than it is on a level plane).

    My 315/70R17's (aka 34.4x12.4's) needed slight trimming. I'd expect 33x12.5's to require slightly more trimming than I had to do on the inner fender well (due to being 0.1" wider) .... and slightly less trimming than I had to do on the front bumper skirt (due to a slightly shorter tire). The rim size is not relevant as it doesn't change the overall diameter of the tire.

    A dremel, a skilled hand, and 20 mins should cover the trim work. Someone who has never trimmed,before, could do it, too, as long as s/he trimmed, then tested, then trimmed some more if needed ... taking as much time as needed. i.e. Take a patient approach and error on the side of removing too little material as you can always remove more ... but you can't ever put it back if you remove too much.
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  3. Jimmeh

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    I fit 33X12.50's on mine with no trimming and minimal rubbing issues on full lock in reverse at stock height staying on pavement. Off road was a whole different story. After my leveling kit, I had zero issues on road and minimal rubbing issues off.
  4. SurrealOne

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    He's got a 4x4 so I presumed off-road use of some kind. :)
  5. smitht06

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    Thanks for the help guys,

    I do go off-roading but very minimal. Maybe couple times a year. I figured the rim size didn't that much. Even with the body lift will it still rub? I was told by a couple people that the tires rub more on the a arms even with the leveling kit. Is this true.... Right now I am running 285/70r17's toyo open country's and it seems like I don't have any problems with them.

    Another question I have is how much of a difference is the 33x12.5 compared to 33x11.5. The reason I ask is because some people told me that causes the rubbing issues on the control arms. I'm not a guy that knows much about tires but i'm trying to learn.

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