Can't get it to turn over

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  1. Kirk

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    I've got a 1970 C10 with a straight 6 and I can't get it to turn over. I was using my truck about 3 months ago, it's been running fine for several years, and it started spluttering like it was out of gas. The guage doesn't work, but I was pretty sure I had gas in it. I added some more gas, but it wouldn't turn over.

    I talked to the guys at the auto parts store, and I replaced the fuel pump and filter. Still no luck, so I poured some gas down the carb, and it turned over and ran fine. I ran around in it for a while and everything was great. The battery wouldn't hold a charge, so I replaced it and figured I was in business, but it wouldn't start, not even when I poured gas in the carb.

    I have a felling it might be in the throttle or linkage.

    Any ideas?

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    Welcome to the club! Perhaps place your quetion in the Q&A section to get more response.
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    Hmm.. it the battery wouldn't hold a charge, could be the alternator being jacked and dragging it down bud.

    Also.. you say you can't get it to turn over.. there's a difference in not turning over and not starting.

    Need to specify if it cranks but doesn't start, as that will help us diagnose the issue at hand. Sounds like you mean it wont FIRE/START rather than not turn over judging by your post.

    IF that be the case then start with the essentials: AIR, FUEL, FIRE.
    Ensure that the butterfly valve(s) are opening allowing air into your carb. If they are then that would rule out the throttle linkage most likely.

    Next Ensure that FUEL is being dumped into it through the jets. If not, you may try pullin the jets and cleaning them with parts cleaner. If you ARE getting fuel..

    then the next step would be to pull a plug and check to see if you're getting a spark (CAUTION when doing so that you're not close to somewhere gasoline could be present or has recently been spilled). If no spark, then a good cleaning (or replacing) of plugs, new cap/rotor, and possible wires are likely needed.

    I'm not that familiar with carb'd motors, but they're essentially the same.
    Hope this helps you in some way bud!

    Welcome to the club!:sign0021:
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    Welcome to the club Kirk, It's good to have you with us. :glasses:

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    I moved your thread to the Tech Q & A section, as it will garner more responses to your issue.
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    First off welcome aboard.
    If your pouring fuel directly down the carb and it wont fire the issue isnt in the linkage.
    Start by ensuring the plugs have fire, and at the proper time
    Pull the distributer cap and make sure everything there is clean with no issues
    Also while you have the cap off turn the engine over and make sure the rotor is spinning properly when turning over
    There is an outside chance you jumped time, this is an older truck probably with some mileage on it so it's a possibility
    Next check the intake manifold for cracks or leaks and check any vacuum lines or ports for leaks, cracked hoses etc.
    If you didnt find any issues yet then the next step will be pulling the carb and rebuilding it

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