Can't make any Adjustments on my trailer brakes

Discussion in 'Towing & Trailer Tech' started by dillmation, May 19, 2013.

  1. dillmation

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    I have a 99 gmc sierra, new style, and recently replaced the 6-pin trailer connector to the 7-blade connector, my mechanic hooked this all up and now i dont have any adjustment for the brakes, the brakes are just on full power, they lock up, when the brakes are applied and will not turn down the adjustment to lessen the tension on the brakes, we hooked up another controller and the same thing happened, i hooked my camper up to another truck and the brakes on the camper work fine, so it must be something in the wiring or fuse.....any thoughts? thanks all!!
  2. steved

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    He's may have crossed the "brake lights" for the brake actuator? In other words, he hooked up the brake lights to the brake actuator and vice-versa.

    On Edit: I must have been half asleep. What I meant was at the connector, the brake light circuit is directly triggering the brakes on the trailer (the reason they go full on when you step on the brake pedal). I'll bet the wiring in the connector has been flipped (brake lights with brake controller and brake controller with brake lights).
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