Can't open tailgate - '99 Suburban

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    I just bought the beast, knowing that there are some little things that need attention. One thing being the tailgate does not open. Before I start aimlessly removing screws I was wondering if someone could spare some advice on how to get the bugger open. The glass opens... in fact it does not like to latch. After some WD it will catch on the first latch but not the second (if it is shut hard enough). The handle on the gate has no resistance to it except the return spring, it feels as if it is locked. it has power locks, but I cannot get it to unlock, with the key either. Any help is appreciated.
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    This happened to me as well. I still had resistance on the handle, but it needs some coaxing.

    As you look at the latch assembly, to the right, below the spring, there is a lever/bracket (you can barely see it). I could reach it with a finger, but you may need a tool. Push this lever down and pull the handle - with any luck, this will open the tailgate.

    As I recall, at least one of the rods was bent and needed realignment. Also, every action and joint were bone dry and needed lube. There are a set of screws inside the tailgate panel that give "access" to the inner door workings. It's pretty tight and requires funny angles and probably foul language.

    Good luck,

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