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  1. 87R10

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    i searched for a while and cant find anything... so here it goes...

    i cannot find any lift kits for a 2wd 1987 Chevy r10...

    if i do find a kit, what all must i replace... preferably a 4" lift and possibly cab lift... i know with the cab lift i have to put an extension in for steering... but what else needs replaced in order to work properly.... i would rather do it right the first time...

  2. tbplus10

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    Try searching Pre-Runners, most of the lifted 2wd trucks from the late 80's and early 90's were custom jobs most of the time built by race teams in their shops.

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  4. stephan

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    Hey Nathan I've been searching for a lift for my '88 C-3500 for years & haven't found one yet, but part of the reason is mine's a 1 ton, & 2wd & 8 lug hubs, so you may have better luck than I did. If Tims & Scotts suggestions don't pan out, try these manufacturers & suppliers that I accumulated while looking for mine. Good luck :)

    Here's a link that will get you started in case you haven't been to the page already. kits

    Here is a list of lift kit & level kit suppliers.

    Rough Country
    Tuff Country

  5. tbplus10

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    Wow Stephan it lLooks like you've searched through the whole list of aftermarket suspension suppliers so far.
  6. stephan

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    Yeah I did Tim. There may be others that I don't know about, but I've been to all of these sites & the only "lifts" I could find were some under the spring spacers. Rather than pay the $140 I just carved some out on my lathe, but what I'd really like is a spindle kit, or an A arm relocation kit to really do it right.
  7. 87R10

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    some one said i could use a kit for an 88 as the suspension set up is the same?

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    found a kit finally! going to get in in the next couple of weeks, along with extended brake lines and drop brackets!

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