Captiva Ignition Locking up (is it part of recall?)

Discussion in 'Chevy Captiva Sport Forum (Saturn Vue)' started by captivact, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. captivact

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    @hamby9212 @Kggr99 @thegawd Hey guys, so here's an update. After all that fanfare, the locked key happened again randomly, where I had to be rough in trying multiple times to get it unlocked and then it did. That and the gm chevy link info screen keeps changing to whatever it wants randomly without touching it. So given my career situation and my decision to move out of state to find more opportunity, I think to be safe I'm going to put it up for sale to recoup the value before it drops. It just hit 40,000 miles and with the suv boom it's like $15,000 so I could use that money plus a few grand more to buy a new car with a warranty to not worry for say 3 years and have it paid off. I really like the captiva design despite its issues or lack of GM interest in making a could be model great. I'm sure the opel version in europe is built better. I just think if i dump it now after 2 years, I may do ok. If I wait 1-2 more years I think they will decrease quick after the last model year. I hate doing it, but I think my captiva is going to show huge issues soon with my luck.
  2. hamby9212

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    Is the message center flashing messages after start up? Or while driving? Mine occasionally flashes change oil soon after 70% oil life.

    Back on the ignition, the issue could be the stop lamp switch. I know it controls the deactivation of cruise control and the brake lights, could be yours has an issue. Or it could be the shift lock which I believe is the little tab underneath the cubby on the center stack. That may be wiggling loose
  3. hamby9212

    hamby9212 Member

    Also, I don't blame you for wanting rid of the car, its a pain when your new car has such issues.
  4. captivact

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    @hamby9212 @Kggr99 @thegawd Just an update on this issue. So I got a letter recalling my captiva over digital odometer issues, and went NHTSA website and this key cylinder lock issue is actually one of the most complained about issues besides random electric/failures. There's both complaints from owners and even dealers trying to cover themselves for the issue. So it makes me feel better I'm alone, but at the same time with that many complaints it should be recalled. The dealer knew right away about the issue, but GM should recall it. It was scary to not be able to turn off my captiva or not knowing if my transition was replaced. The communication needs to be better.

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