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  1. hamby9212

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    Hey everyone, it's been quiet on the forum so I thought I'd start a roll call thread and see if anyone had any updates!
    I'm nearly to 42,000 currently on my 2014 Captiva Sport LT mostly uneventful which is good! Other than the window sash replacement the Captiva has been trouble free. Also, I recently took a near 3,000 mile round trip vacation in the Captiva and average around 28 for the whole trip! That's with mountain driving and interstates. I recently started using a fuel economy app to track my mpg. image.jpeg

    Still running the original tires and they seem to be holding up nicely. So far I've changed the radio head unit to a new Pioneer App-Radio 4, and has been awesome! CarPlay was valuable for the maps navigation and messaging while driving (via voice command).

    I am starting to see small chips (only 2) in the rocker molding and the wheel trim. Could be the roads I drive or cheap paint on the plastic components.

    Who knows!
  2. John Lechner

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    Do you any photos of your radio install?

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