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  1. heaviechevie

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    Getting rid of the $%@#ard holley carb on my truck, I know most people run edelbrock 1406 on basicly stock 350 but can I run a 750 since that's what the original Q-jet was? I plan on doing an engine swap but that isn't till later in the year so I need this to run semi correctly atleast better than what the holley is doing.
  2. GaryL

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    You should be able to run the 750 Edelbrock without any problems. It meters similar to a q-jet, so a little too big won't hurt you if it is jetted properly.
  3. heaviechevie

    heaviechevie Member

    Thanks Gary, I think my holley has bigger jets in it than what it's supposed to. I have been turning the mixture screws back in and it seems to get better. I went and got a 1405 edelbrock carb. I'm going to do a rebuild since it's used but I haven't decided if I want to put an electric choke kit on it or just install a cable choke. I kept the price of what I was gonna get down low since I plain on an engine swap and then rebuild my current motor.

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