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  1. santori1

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    I rebuilt my edelbrock 1904 q-jet on my gmc 2500 suburban, and it seems like fuel is draining from the bowl into the manifold when the car is off. Someone told me it was a known issue with the quadrajets having leaky lead plugs on the bottom or something. Has anyone seen this before? Also, my manifold has two bolt patterns to accomodate qjets or holley or whatever. I was thinking of just replacing the carb with a holley four barrel street avenger. Is there a better suited carb out there for my needs?
  2. GaryL

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    The Rochester qjet is one of the best carbs out there for a daily driver and is highly tunable for race applications. With that being said, I don't have much experience with the Edelbrocks. The well plugs on the Rochesters do leak and a simple fix is to put some JB weld around the well plug to make it stop leaking.
  3. santori1

    santori1 New Member

    I tried some 2 part epoxy, but it lasted a whole 5 minutes, then it was gone!
    Thinking of just buying a new holley 4 barrel. I am looking for info on the right carb for the job.
    May even convert to TBI.....

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