Cargo lamp switch for what??

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    CL1.jpg CL3.jpg CL2.jpg CL4.jpg
    When i purchased my truck, the cargo lamp for my truck was missing and this one was just sitting in the hole. Obviously it wasnt the right one.
    On the side it has the numbers 1568702 then a space and 8341 i believe.
    If anyone can help me identify this cargo lamp switch, itd be GREATLY appreciated! Id really like to sell it!:glasses:

    4 prongs in the back. I meant for the last pic to show the prongs/back
  2. 98ls10

    98ls10 New Member

    Anybody have any ides to what this goes to? Thanx in advance!
  3. BigBlueLB756

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    just a guess but that looks like a early 90's switch
    could be the switch to turn the light on for the truck bed?

    99'HEARTBEAT MODERATOR Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    The Cargo lamp switch you have pictured is for the......1995' to 1998".....1500....2500....3500 Series Full Size Chevy/G.M. Trucks,

    Here is the same one....Selling on give you a idea on what they are going for,

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    Item condition:Used
    Compatibility: See compatible vehicles
    Price:US $11.99Buy It NowBuy It NowBuy It Now
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  6. 98ls10

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    Thanx everybody for your input! I was looking for what year, model, etc that it goes to.
    Thanx a lot 99HEARTBEAT! Hopefully i can get a couple bucks for it

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