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Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoors' started by marko54, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. tbplus10

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    Yep, essentially buying votes from nonworking, nontax paying people, and using tax dollars from working tax paying citizens to finance it.
    Wonder where the moneys gonna come from when the working citizens finally get fed up and decide to quit work and take advantage of all the entitlement programs have financed for years.
  2. Ape

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    Sadly, that's been going on in California for a while now. Hence the reason so many cities there are going bankrupt. Yet the politicians keep ignoring the reality of what's happening there and continue pushing their political ideology.
  3. dsfloyd

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    The problem is eventually they run out of other peoples money. Plenty of productive people and businesses have left the state already.
  4. tbplus10

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    Yep, Texas has welcomed many former California residents and buisinesses.
    Some of my relatives would be glad to leave Ca. if there werent extenuating circumstances keeping them in place.
    Sadly though some of the California transplants come here and immediately attempt to create the same situation they fled in Ca. Dragging along their homeowner associations and idealistic garbage about supporting and developing more entitlement programs.
  5. Ape

    Ape Member 100 Posts

    We deal with the same type of lunacy here in Colorado. They flee Cali because of the failed ideology's, and then try and push the same idiotic ideas here! Insanity is defined by doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results!
  6. tbplus10

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    I have a neighbor, hasnt even been here a year yet, still has Ca. plates on his car, he attempted to start an extremely restrictive home owners association that forbid homeowners to own/posses guns. It was about as successful as a lead balloon at the meeting, some neighbors got pretty rude with him.
    I saw last week his house was up for sale, just as well he wouldnt have been happy here were all individuals and we like it that way.
  7. Ape

    Ape Member 100 Posts

    WOW! See, that right there is exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about! If he hates guns so much, then go back to Cali and live with the other anti-gun zealots! But of course he wont do that, because he more than likely left Cali due to the crippling economic state it's in. And it's in that shape because of idiots like that voting for other idiots who destroy the state!
  8. the phantom

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    Here in NY the governor passed a law called the safe act. Restricted magazines to 7 rounds, have to register any military looking weapon(yup if its got a scope or a picatany rail or tripod its military looking:no:)Re-certify your ccw permit every 5 years. Oh yeah and you have to opt-out (basically sign up) to not allow the public to find out if you have a ccw permit or not. What a bunch of crap to get on a list to not be on a public list. There are signs everywhere to repeal the safe act. NY wants to lead the way to gun control. Governor wants to be a hero. I would be afraid of being shot if I was him. well my military looking rifles dont exist, my "7" round magazines are full, and my ccw....well I guess I will be renewing that but thats the only reason they will be seeing me at the pistol permit clerks office. I dont understand why we pay all kinds of money to the politicians to trample our civil liberties and rights. I feel for ya californians.... NY on the other side of the country is about in the same boat. Sorry for the rant guys... Good day
  9. tbplus10

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    The rant is completly understood.
    Anyone that believes politicians actually represent them doesnt know the full truth.
    Ive said for a long time we need a voter revolution, vote out every politician, and replace them with people from the middle class that represent the majority. Even if a politician didnt support bills taking away our rights they didnt properly represent us if those bills passed unscathed. Which many bills do, most politicians justify this by taking a bribe in the form of pork added to the back end of legislation. Many times this pork only benefits the politicisn and not his constituents.
    Adios to every politician that cant prove his value to the public.
    Check the politicians stats then vote smartly.
  10. Jrod89

    Jrod89 New Member

    I carry a Glock G19 9mm in GA because we may not have the right much longer but I choose to exercise it while I still can!

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