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Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoors' started by marko54, Feb 21, 2012.

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    I have been using these for ten years and have one for every handgun I actively carry. By far, the first I will go to for normal carrying. They are secure, but do not add much bulk to your profile. They tend to keep the weapon high and tight on the side, aiding in the concealment even when wearing a t-shirt. This depends on your weapon choice as I have discussed earlier on in the thread. Revolvers do well for concealment with this holster, but add some side profile due to the cylinder size.


    For ultimate concealment, I use this one. I have used this style to conceal a full size Glock 22 while playing pool. If you get it in the left handed model, when placed in the middle of the back this provides a natural drawing technique for your right hand. These are made of a soft and thinner leather, which allows for less bulk and easier concealment, They are also comfortable to wear, unless you will be sitting a lot. The large black clip allows for easy placement and removal of the holster on your own, something I have learned holsters with smaller metal clips impede.

    These can all be found here:

    Another good thing about these holsters other than quality, is they are very reasonably priced. I have had other holsters that are nearly 3 times the prices of these and made by "top quality" makers. I have found their leather to be thicker and harder to break in. If you are interested in a good holster for open carry, I can assist with that as well. I hope this helps everyone out a bit.
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  2. SWAT13

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    I'm a Deputy Sheriff, so I carry 24/7. I've put alot of people in jail..never kno who you'll run into on the street!!
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    I have alot of friends that are employee's as Correctional Officers at one of the largest New York State Penitentaries. All of them say they have to be on the look out at all times and keep there home phones and address as private as possible because of the constent threat of retaliation from ex-convicts. It is something they have to live with everyday for the rest of their lives. I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about.
  4. SWAT13

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    Yes I do. I have delt with a lot of bad people......
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    I carry when ever i can. Why? Do i live in a bad area, not really. Been in this town for 16 years and there is only 1 unsolved murder and could count the # of murders since i lived here on 1 hand. But i carry because society is changing, and Not for the better! Studies may say violent crime is down but i dont believe it. Its better to have than not have and need. Besides that, i paid 50 bucks to get licensed and spent 8 years on active duty as an MP which allowed me to waive a firearms training class so i intend to get the most out of my money and time spent.
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    Right now I'm looking at trading my Marlin XL7 deer rifle for a pistol. Glock or S&W M&P or another Sigma since I have 3 spare mags for it.
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    There is a brand called "Thunderwear" I am told. LOL 'Is that a sawed off shotgun in your pocket or you just happy to be here....."

    I don't carry my Glock outside of the vehicle. Unless it is cold, it just does not hide well. I am in the market for small weapon that makes big holes. It might not be the zombie apocalypse but crack head apocalypse is about the same thing. In a home invasion scenario, a big mag eliminates the need to wipe the sleep from your eyes. In a public setting, spraying the general area with lead is a bad idea. Nevertheless, sometime bad guys travel in packs so the more ammo the better. Any suggestions?
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    finally someone gets it!

    as far as small for concealed with a big punch, this is the best I have found. It is amazing how smooth and accurate it is. I shoot as well with this smaller weapon as I do with my duty .40 glock. I am sure there are other good options out there, but this seems to be about the best we have found when it comes to punch & concealment. I usually keep a spare mag in my pocket and third in my truck.

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  9. SWAT13

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    Out in the public, I carry my glock .40 I don't worry, cuz I can shoot the ass of a gnat! lol But for the home, I have my 12 ga with a 18" barrel. Nothing more scary, than to hear the rack of a shotgun!!!
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    In, the Summer, I carry a Smith & Wesson Model 60-7 .357 mag 2" barrel with Hogue monogrips, Very concealable, Impeccable reliability. This is Florida and I Usually wear Trunks or Khaki shorts so I find this a good compromise.

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