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Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoors' started by marko54, Feb 21, 2012.

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    Hey Caddi - It only makes sense that you would bring up "thunderware" .....It so fits your great sense of humor. I'm hoping that maybe a better holster will help because I really like my Sig 229. However, I'm still keeping my eye open for something smaller as I'm not confident I'll ever be comfortable carrying something that large. I too like the idea of having more than just a few rounds ready. I guess for every benefit, there is also a sacrifice. Why can I just find a 350 pound linebacker that can run faster than any receiver???
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    I used to carry my Glock model 22 (.40 cal), but started finding it hard to conceal unless I wore bunch of clothes (in west texas that's not too comfortable). So i recently bought a S&W Bodygaurd .380. I absolutely love it. No, it doesn't pack much of a punch.. but one well-placed shot to the cranium will do for me. It has a built-in laser on it, which I thought would be good for the wife seeing as how she hates guns and refuses to practice, but does carry and isn't afraid to use if she has to.

    Pros: Extremely easy to conceal, consistent, at a price of $325 is relatively cheap, decent safety mechanisms (which Glock does NOT have and is not good for the inexperienced), accurate built-in laser (good for the inexperienced)

    Cons: 6 round mags (+1), Kind of a pain to disassemble.
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    A small of the back works great for small to medium frame auto's and you can get right or left hand draw's. They also cover good with just an oversize T-Shirt.
    I carry a North American Arms 22 Mag 5 shot revolver with a built in clip in my back pocket I also keep my Glock mdl 36 45 in my console with a crossdraw and a small of the back, so which every one works out best.
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    X2 I keep mine on the small of my back only issue is when I sit down I have to pull it out. Kinda funny watching me get out my truck, my neighbors no not to mess with us though.
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    Thanks. Me too. Have daughter looking into the cost and availability. I will let you know what I find
    Off to the gym
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    In Mississippi as I'm sure Swat13 knows, your vehicle is considered an extension of your home so you can carry in your vehicle without permit but beyond that I think you have to have a permit unless your law enforcement of course. I really am not a gun expert so when I purchased my first new pistol a few months ago, I asked my uncle who is a gunsmith in Virginia and he recommended the Ruger SR9C so that is what I got. I go to the range pretty regular and I love it. I have shot around 400 rounds so far and not one jam. I am still a good shot but not as good as I was when I was in the Army, I was an expert marksman. The Ruger came with a 10 round clip and a 17 round clip. I feel good with that being I can still shoot pretty well. The one thing my uncle told me was to make sure I buy good ammo for it so I got the plus P with serrated hollow points. He said the Glock was a good Pistol also but that he didn't like all the plastic they use. The gun dealer were I bought mine agreed and he is an ex-cop. Anyway needless to say I am ready for the unforeseen I just hope to never have to use my pistol except at the range.


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    I love the Ruger SR series. I have a SR40C and it is a flawless shooting weapon!!
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    I really find this thread to be some funny stuff, could you imagine all of us getting together at a meet or something? It would be like the wild west all over. :lol:


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