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    Glock 27 for concielment. Glock 22 when on patrol
  2. shilohlee

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    Owned and carried a little J frame S&W Centennial Airweight .38 spl off and on for years. Looking to save up and get a Glock 36 .45 acp very soon.
  3. forace2011

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    Like Bassist says above,,, I also carry same guns. Mostly the Glock 27 for concieled. Nothing has been said about ammo but I use the highest powder load I can find and always Hollow points. If I hit you in the hand I will usually take your arm off. Also use laser sights so I don't have to aim. Let the red dot hit you and usually it is a great deterant and problems usually stop there. If not then the well you get the picture. Ya'll have a great day.!!
    jus my $.02.
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  4. koyote

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    I'm gonna be a heretic.

    I like a .32- depending on where and what, I'll carry the keltec or the beat up mauser hsc. Good pistols, but I feel a bit better with the mauser beating around the ranch.

    When we go out in the Big Empty I generally strap on the .38 K frame. Light, 6 inch barrel, coyote accurate at range, and revolvers handle snake shot reliably. I've been known to have the hi power on the front seat when driving if there's a coyote stalking the goats.

    If I need a shotgun, though, I go get a shotgun. The cylinder on the judge weighs as much as a mauser. yeee.
  5. sgtsjj

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    in MN as long as you have your permit to carry its open or concealed, both my .45 XD and glock 19 9mm are to big and uncomfortable to conceal, and if i need to use it id like to be able to actually get it with out struggling, i open carry by choice but i also am picky about where i bring it, if i know it would cause it a scene i wont bring it with
  6. TemperMonkey

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    I recently got my CWP and I currently carry the Diamondback DB9. I also use the Speaky Pete Holster! Because of my size it is hard to carry concealed so in order to carry on my hip this holster allows it! I kinda carry open without carrying open! HaHa It looks like i'm carrying a really big cell phone! I also keep a S&W Airweight .38 SPL J frame around the house cause of my little girl! All guns are kept out of her reach but if she happened to get a hold of the revolver she can't pull the trigger. My Hubby carries a Glock but I'm not sure which one I just know it's the mid size. Not the full frame or the compact.
    DB9 SP2.jpg s&w.38.jpg

    db9.jpg DB9 SP1.jpg
  7. Ape

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    I've been carrying for quite a few years now. Here in Colorado you can Open Carry with no license, so I did that for many years. But I've had my CCW for about 11 years now, so I normally carry concealed. But I do try and OC once or so a week just because I can.

    As for what I carry......Like I said, I've been carrying for a bunch of years now, so I've gone through a lot of different guns and holsters to find what works best for me 24/7. I use to carry a Colt Govt. 1911 for my OCing. But that's not a good option for "true" CC. I also have XD's, Rugers, a Judge, Hi Points, S&W's, etc...etc... For me a revolver or semi auto isn't the concern. It's all about reliability and comfort, and that's what I carry now. All of my other guns that I've carried, or even rotate out ocassionally for carry, are reliable. And some are comfortable to a degree. But if you carry 24/7, even when at home, then you tend to lean towards absolute comfort.

    Long story short, I have been carrying my Kel Tec PF9 for the last 5 years or so. It's so light weight that I can carry it with shorts and still not notice it. I also have a P3AT and P32, but the wife normally carry's those. Lately she uses just the P3AT, but she carried the P32 for 4 or so years before that.
    My favorite form of carry is IWB with a holster that holds a spare mag. But I also use a pocket hoslter for those really hot days and light dressing.

    Like I mentioned above, I carry even when at home. Because when do you feel the safest??? When you're at home with the doors and windows secured. Problem is a home invasion wont allow you the time to run to your safe or gun room. But if things got REALLY hinky, the family and I would make it to the gun room and have the ability to hold off a small army for long time. :glasses:
  8. 07XCSB

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    Check out the Ruger SC40C or the taurus 709 Slim 9mm. They also have a slim .40 called the 740 slim. My wife carries a SC40c and she loves it and my mom carries the Slim9. Both of them have small hands and the guns fit them like a glove. I like the SC40c so much, I bought one to replace the 27. With the extended mag, it even fit good in my big hands.

    Home defense, no question 12 gauge with buckshot.
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  9. Coach24

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    Sc40C growing in popularity and sales to match. Test fired and found to be a very good grouping.
    I need a bit larger grip but most will find this weapon to their liking after 50 rounds or so.
  10. gear_head

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    Sorry it took me a while to see this. I hope you are still happy with your purchase!

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