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    Hmm it seams that we misses an general "exhause topic" il will put my question right here

    yet another catalytic question
    Hi ,,as some of you know i live in sweden and now need some advice of what catalytic converters i shall use for my cars , il got 2 pontiac firebird GTA (87 & 89 ) i gonna swap engine in both and in the first im gonna have an 383 build by ,, it messures 500 Hp in the dyno ,, the other car i shall use an 454 sb build by ,, that one producces 610 hp + on the dyno

    well both cars shall run on 100 % E-85 and to both il got HOK 2210 headders .. on the collector i will put one catalytic converter on each and run the tube from it to an warlock muffler (3") ,, on one of the exits i shall have an electric cut out and on the other (silent output) i shall use an end pipe so il can run both quiet and loud ,, i dont know yet if i shall use any H or X pipe between those two pipes
    il got catco cat´s at home its the 6007 model or CTO~6907&Ntk=&rsview=sku&Ns=P_Rank|0

    but i cant find any figures of what flow they got .. will they be enough for my engines ? all A.I.R are excluded and im not gonne rev the engines higher then 6500 rpm

    if these catalytic converters dosent do the job ,, what shall il use instead that dosent cost an arm or a leg ? I also gonna swap my engine in an 95 K 1500 burb ,, il will also be an 383 golenengine(w/Tpi) , headders , cut out , and propeby an used exhuse from my 03 escalade esv that is a "left over" since il installed an borla on it ) so a matter a fact i need 6 x good flow catalytic converters ,,,

    please show me your knowledge

    Åke of Sweden
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    ALARMING !!! 38 wiews and no one dosent know ?? and almoust everyone with a new car / truck gots one or two ...

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