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  1. rzc

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    I have an 01 burb 1500 4wd. My service engine soon light came on. I had it checked and it seems that I need a new catalytic converter. I am looking into changing it to a direct fit but here's my question.

    The burb conforms to California Emission, ULEV and is OBDII compliant. I now live in AZ and when I called Magnaflow they are telling me that I need to get a CA legal cat since the PCM may not like what a 49 state legal cat would do. I understand that the PCM has CA specs on it but I cant understand why I can install a 49 state legal cat instead. On a side note, I called Summit and they wont even sell 49 state legal to me since my vehicle is conforms to CA. I told them that according to their site they cannot sell or ship to a CA address, I am in AZ.

    Any thoughts what I should do. There is atleast a $300 diff between a 49 state legal and the CA legal cat.

    Hope this makes sense to someone.
  2. tbplus10

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    When it comes to Ca. emissions the laws are real strict. I fought this battle a few years back.
    I had a Ca. emissions vehical and was living in Tx. when I was buying the replacement cat they wanted the VIN for the truck it was for, once they got the VIN they refused to sell me the kit I wanted so I had a friend with the same year truck buy the cat for me. I found out a few months later this was considered a violation of clean air standards and carried heavy fines for altering or modifying the exhaust system with unapproved parts. The vehicle was wrecked soon after so it doesnt matter anymore.
  3. rzc

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    And to make it worst I just found out that they have even sticter laws as of 01/2009
  4. dsfloyd

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    gotta love the great state of CA:fighting0019:. But we're saving the world out here:rofl:

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