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    my service engine light keeps kicking on saying that my cats are goin bad, or are already there. at first it was one code, but a few weeks after that came a second along with the first. i cant remember the codes, but if i have it scanned again, i will post them. i know i need to replace them, and intend on doing so, but i am not going to cut and weld, i am going to go the direct fit path. what are some suggestions to get the most performance out of this investment. i need to know stories of success, failure, pleased and displeased, expensive vs. not as expensive, brands, product variations, etc.

    thanks for your input
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    Thermal (something, memory fails me now) is what I have on mine and I love it. I've also used their products in the past on my other cars.
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    It really depends on what your goals are. You didn't post what kind of vehicle you have. You might want to update your signature so others can provide accurate responses.

    I made the mistake once of assuming that everyone likes what I like so when a friend asked me to get a new muffler system installed on his ride I took it to my favorite muffler shop and had them install a dual exhaust with turbo mufflers. It sounded so sweet (to me). Unfortunate for me, my friend is a classical music buff and he hated it. I felt obliged to spend the money out of pocket to have the performance exhaust removed in favor of the more quiet factory system.

    For my 93 burb I went with a 3" catback system using a Magnaflow and a stock cat. Sounds good to me and the top end performance feels better.

    So for performance go with the high flow cats and dual exhaust.
    For compromise, try a cat back system.
    For a more tame sound stick with the factory specs.

    As always check your local emissions regs if you want to maintain the resale value.
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    i have a 2000 silverado with a 5.3l v8, shorty headers, upgraded plugs, 8.5 mil wires, factory cats, flowmaster 40 series muffler(1 in 2 out) w/ 16 inch stainless silverline tips. i think my tubing is 2.5" but i havent measured, so im not sure. i have a k&n air CIA. its a 4x4 z71 offroad package. Ls model.
    extended cab 117k miles
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    just bringin it back to the top.
  7. cascott325

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    anyone have any ideas for me? i could really use the help.
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    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh did you not see post #3?
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    lol. yes i did, but i like to hear alot of opinions. i did check out the page, and im liking whit i see. thanks
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    Here's my opinion: stay away from Random Technology cats. Their ceramic cores tend to come apart and rattle like crazy. It happened to me. I'm running Pacesetter cats in my GTO now and havent had any problems.

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