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    I think it would be better to just do the Duramax and Allison combo. I am currently looking for a wrecked truck for a donor.

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  4. Burb vortex cat swap

    I have a 1953 Chevrolet power glide 4 door sedan I put a d2 pony motor in. The thing is loud as hell and gets great fuel economy. I did a full restoration and had a 350 in but it wasn't enough power for the little car. I slammed it and turned it into a convertible during the resto and it sat 2 inches off the ground and when I put the d2 in it the thing didnt move an centimeter. It has the original coil springs in it and I didnt have to put heavier ones in. If you are looking for loud, powerful, and good mpg the d2 pony motor would be a great choice for your burb

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