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    Hey, i have a cousin is a mechanic, and i asked him about my dual exhaust, and he told me that i don't need Catalytic Converters on my truck(2002 Silverado z71 5.3l). It would also decrease the price almost by half. And my question is, do i actually need them? I know i would need to do something to the O2 sensors so it doesn't keep trying to put more fuel in the mix. But, i don't really know much about what catalytic converters do, except reduce the amount of air flow, and reduce the pollution. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    A catalytic converter is a device that uses a catalyst to convert three harmful compounds in car exhaust into harmless compounds.
    The three harmful compounds are:

    • Hydrocarbons (in the form of unburned gasoline)
    • Carbon monoxide (formed by the combustion of gasoline)
    • Nitrogen oxides (created when the heat in the engine forces nitrogen in the air to combine with oxygen)
    Carbon monoxide is a poison for any air-breathing animal. Nitrogen oxides lead to smog and acid rain, and hydrocarbons produce smog. In a catalytic converter, the catalyst (in the form of platinum and palladium) is coated onto a ceramic honeycomb or ceramic beads that are housed in a muffler-like package attached to the exhaust pipe. The catalyst helps to convert carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. It converts the hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water. It also converts the nitrogen oxides back into nitrogen and oxygen.

    As far as if it is legal in Canada I do not know that answer. Do you have to go through emision testing?
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    No emission testing here, it's legal in Saskatchewan to take the catalytic converters off. The more you know! I knew the catalytic converters were made up of an expensive metal, now i now. Also, would getting custom dual exhaust, and not putting on cats hurt my performance? Or anything like that? Would it be smart not to put cats on? For a tight budget like mine, it's looking pretty sweet.
  4. 1st Synthetics

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    Not having the cats will help performance.
  5. ippielb

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    Well that's a done deal, thanks for your information! Appreciate it, don't be surprised if i order some amsoil from you for my next oil change!
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    If you take you cats off I wouldn't bring your truck into AB. I think its a big no no here. Not 100% sure though. The rules are funny on those kinds of things.
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    Just removing your catalytic convertor wont make your truck run better, and even done properly removing a correctly operating catalytic convertor wont make a lot of improvement.
    Everyone has this idea a catalytic converter is some big power robbing monster hidden under the truck , this is an incorrect assumption for modern vehicles.
    On a mid 70's to mid 80's vehicle removing the converter might help performance because manufacturers were reacting to a change they were required to make but but were reluctant to do, so they did the bare minimum adjustments to make the vehicle follow regulations, in the late 80's manufacturers got ahead of the game and started building engines, computers, and catalytic converters that enhanced each other and maximized their efficiency.
    If you remove your catalytic converter in addition to dash lights you'll probably have sluggish performance and decreased MPG.
    To make the truck run correctly after removing the converter you'll need to use an O2 simulator.
    Simplty removing the O2 sensor will only cause problems because the computer requires these inputs to operate correctly.
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    +1 :great:
  9. ippielb

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    Yeah, I would prefer to have cats on my truck, but not if it's going to cost me $300 a piece, and then installation and time for me to pay the muffler shop. I'm thinking of it this way, i have X amount of dollars, and the dual exhaust costs my X amount of dollars and more. So to make it cheaper, I would not get new cats on it, thus saving me money, but i was just curious of my truck needed them to operate properly.

    Thanks for the input everyone.
  10. Dr_Zero

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    Why cant you use the cats you got now?

    This is a pic of a replacement set of catalytic converters why couldnt the shop cut off the pipe either right after the O2 sensor or right in front of the current flange.

    And if you want to add new cats has universal ones listed for your truck for $70.89 a piece not $300 each.


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