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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by RussellFidel, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. RussellFidel

    RussellFidel Member

    i have an 09 silverado LTZ and i want to put a CB radio in it. I know im gonna put the antennas on my tool box but i dont know where to mount the radio in the cab. the LTZ has this huge center console that connects to the dash, i dont want it under the seat because well, its hard to use it down there, im considering under the steering wheel and using one of those small cobras. any ideas?
  2. redneckarmyMP

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    ive got one of the large cobra classic CBs and a police scanner of about the same size.imactually thinking about having a box(similar to the boxes they mount speakers in)and mounting it in the middle of the floor.possibly look into somthing similar?i know you said you had the center console so that set up probably wouldnt work unless you could find somwhere to mount it in or on the console
  3. RussellFidel

    RussellFidel Member

    i pulled out the plastic tray in the console because i thought there might be dead space under it. instead i found this black box that takes up the entire console. no idea what its for. i was thinking of putting it inside the actual center console but then to use it you would have to leave the entire console open... sigh. sometimes i wish i just got an LT 4x4. theres plenty of space in that. worst comes to worse i was thinking about mounting it on the ceiling.
  4. Awesraws5

    Awesraws5 New Member

    If its any help i just bought an 06 crew LT3. It has the center console and what my plan is to cut out the bottom cubby and mount a cobra classic inside so the face of the cb is flush with the face of the console cubby hole. Im going to use black door edge guard to put around the cut plastic to clean it up the cut. I am not real familiar w the new style interior but maybe this route might be of interest to you. Hopefully in the next month i will do this.
  5. poncho08

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    Ya that plastic box is the boss sub woffer. what one of the guys I work with did is he mounted his 2-way in the storige box between the two seats and it seems to work fine unless if your changing chanels a lot and it probly what ill end up doing to
  6. RussellFidel

    RussellFidel Member

    thanks for the ideas guys, im probably gonna put it inside the center console. but since thats the bose sub, if i put in after market subs, then do you think i should take the bose one out? because that would create so much more space for other stuff. or would it sound like crap?
  7. Springthing

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    Have a look at the Cobra 75 WX ST. It's a small remote radio where the actual "radio" is tucked away somewhere and the mic has all the controls on it. The mic itself is a little larger than a usual one but still makes finding install room significantly smaller.

    Have a look at the above link. I had great luck buying this very radio from these folks. Very nice, good price, and they are very helpful if you are looking for any type of advice. I bought the package they have which includes the SWR meter, antenna, wiring, etc etc. They even let me swap out the antenna for another I wanted.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to PM or email.

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