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  1. topgun542

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    i just got a cb and i have a 1999 silverado ext cab. where did you guys run the wire to the battery and i also have magnetic antena for a temporary. where did you guys run that to. i wanted to put the cb in my overhead console cubby hole casue its small enough.
  2. robb_03

    robb_03 New Member

    I personally havent done it, but i have seen it there before. The wires were run in the headlinner and down the "A" pillar. and under the dash. He mounted his Antenna on a bracket he made on his tool box. He ran the antenna wire through the firewall and down the frame rail and back up between the cab and the bed to the mount. I would run a relay to the CB. There is a possitive post on the fuse box. And there is an ignition switch female plug in the fuse box as well. Sorry I dont have any pictures of his truck.

    It looked really clean.
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  3. Jesse-James

    Jesse-James New Member

    Here's a pic of my buddy's tow rig, antennas mounted on tool box. Remember that aluminum doesn't ground so you have to ground the antenna(s) to the bed.

    I need to find a different spot due to the camper shell, any other ideas for duals?


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