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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by roughcntryrado, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Not sure if this is the right place to post, putting in a cb radio into the truck just looking where some of you guys mouted them. I dont really want to drill holes into the tunnel and mount it on the floor
  2. ChevyHD

    ChevyHD Rockstar 100 Posts

    I mounted mine below and to the right of the steering wheel column. Kinda of where your right knee would touch.
  3. tbplus10

    tbplus10 Epic Member Staff Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    I've got a remote mount set-up with all the controls on the mike so I mounted the control under the seat and ran the cord through my center seat/console and I store it in the console when not in use.
  4. Thanks for the insight i was thinking about under the seat idea. trying to figure out everything
  5. Sierraowner5.3

    Sierraowner5.3 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    in my truck the rear seat as a little hole in it were the rear seat radio would be (if i had one) just screwed the bracket for the CB into that and used the rear seat aux 12 volt for power. its neat, out of the way and easily accesible.

    could get you a pic if u like.

  6. ejohnson03

    ejohnson03 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Lets see some pics of all the CB installs.

    Also, pics of the antenna mounts...
  7. ChevyHD

    ChevyHD Rockstar 100 Posts

    Ill do it in the morning.
  8. o3gerber

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    I have mine mounted on the pannel right below the climate control, above the cup holders works perfect for me
  9. Pics of where there mounted would be great! since i have a single cab im looking for kind of neat place to put it. ill get pics of the whips mounted later today
  10. Vincennes02261897

    Vincennes02261897 Rockstar 4 Years 1000 Posts

    It would definitely be nice to get some pictures in this thread. I've been interested in how folks have mounted everything as well.

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