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    So I called best buy to see how much a wireing harness would be for my truck, (05 silver with no controls on the steering wheel) and to see how much it would be to have a cd player installed and they quoted me at 110 for just the Damn harness and around190 to install, they said that the wireing harness for my truck runs into the computer or something stupid. What the hell was that guy talking about anyone know.110 for just the wireing harness. Can anyone help me out I just find it hard to believe it costs that much to put a different cd player in.
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    They are pricey. When I purchased mine (from Best Buy as well) they told me that many electrical items are tied together (i.e. onstar and other truck functions) in which you need harness to help make those connections once you remove the stock receiver. After further looking into I found it is true. You may want to check the internet for better pricing though and I don't they're too hard to install, but one of the audio/video experts will have to respond.
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    Do you have onstar? They may have quote you one for onstar which is why of the high price. You can get a cheaper one in fact you really dont need a harness as long AS YOUR NOT AN amateur to electrical work.
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    There are a few differant ones check out and you will see what you need..

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