Centemental value when do you quit

Discussion in 'How-to Guides' started by Pushrodz, May 14, 2017.

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    so a customer brings in a 1970 chevy c10 for safety inspection cab is beyond repair mounts are shot fenders are shot box is shot suspension is falling off the frame this was his grandfathers truck. This just got me thinking at what point do you quit on a vehicle with centemental value as special as it is to you the real the aspect is that's a lot of dollars that somebody has to pay for so do you let it kill you financially?
    What are your guys experiences?
  2. Differently

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    I think at that point it's best to get another vehicle and start a full restoration on the c10. I was in a similar spot with my 1986 ranger. It just needed too much work for me to complete in a timely manner as to continue using it as a dd. That's ultimately why I bought the c2500 a couple weeks ago. Now I have a vehicle to drive that passed safety and emissions and i can take my time restoring the ranger. I won't get rid of it because of the centemental value.
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    Parts aren't too bad price or availability wise. Depends on pocket. Does it have a good points?

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