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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by dick, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. dick

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    I just put a 2" Maxx Suspension on my 08 Siverado and larger 18" tires. Max psi for the tires is 44. I'm running at 36". Does this sound about right? I also have Boss crome wheels on the truck which Iowa winters don't like. I'm going back to the factory wheels but I would like to change the center caps. Where can I find something else for my factory wheels. Thanks.
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    if your truck is a 1/2 ton then thats about right, if your truck is any bigger then that i suggest running them at max pressure since a 3/4 should have about 50 psi and a 1 ton should have 65 in the front and 70-80 in the rear depending on if you haul anything, it also says on the inside of the driver side door panel what the factory recommends you run

    i work at a tire shop and we have to check air pressure it kills me when people have huge truck on tires that are made for a way lighter truck and they max out at 35psi and they are running the tires at 50, so glad you actually bothered to check the max on the tire

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