Center console/ seat replacement? No foldable center console...

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  1. seanobryant

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    Just bought an 04 silverado 1500 extended cab. I love everthing about it except for one thing. The back rest part of the center seat in the front does not fold down. Most trucks have the center console that folds up and doubles as a middle seat. My truck does not do this. It does not fold down and does not have a built in center console. My question is: how easy would it be to replace this? If I just went to a junk yard and picked one out, would it be a simple replace? Or if I bought a new one, about how much would it be? Any special tools required? I really like having the center console built into the center seat and having it fold up and double as a spare seat. But I got a really good deal on the truck so I wasnt going to pass it up just because of that. I have looked into center consoles built for trucks that just sit on the seat and maybe hangover a little bit but I just don't like them. Any help would be appreciated.

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    To the Site.....Replacing the Center Seat Section, in your Truck for a out Jump-seat center console, would be easy to you mentioned, you would just un-bolt yours and bolt-in the Jump Seat Console,Below are Diagrams of what I think, is the one you have in your Truck Now,
    Your Center Seat Section,


    and the Jump-Seat Center Console Your Wanting

    Once again as You Mentioned, You can Try Your Local Salvage......or Craigs list and Last E-Bay for Getting the Jump-Seat Center Console.....I would Really Try to Find and Buy a Good Used Ones, as a New One will COST a FEW Bucks!!
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    i heard you have to take out the driver and passenger seats to get the bolts.

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    Your Correct, the Driver/Passenger Seats Do Need to be Un-Bolted and Taken Out, before Removing and Replacing the Center Section/Seat,
  5. seanobryant

    seanobryant New Member

    Thanks for the info! About how long did it take to switch out the seat with taking out the other 2 seats?

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