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  1. bth62

    bth62 New Member

    Hi folks, new member here, just bought a 2009 Suburban LTZ and loving it. I tried searching but didn't find another post on this, so before I start popping pieces off I thought I'd ask.

    My center console has the wood trim with cupholders (and a little door to hide it), and an ashtray (similar door). It seems to use a lot of space. Looks a little like this (after searching the net):

    I was in another suburban where it was just cupholders, and then a much larger tray that could hold a lot more -- keys, cell phones, etc. It looked a little like this (just searching the net):

    Is it possible to get this in mine? Wasn't sure if I could just remove the trim or order a kit...

  2. Sandhopper

    Sandhopper Rockstar 100 Posts

    Ya want to trade? I would rather have things out of site out of mind... By the way you may be interested in looking for accessories for your center console. When we bought ours, I could not believe there was just a big black hole under the center armrest storage... Very useless in my opinion... Had the parts guy search for storage options and he came across an insert for the center console that holds cd's and such and will lift out to gain access to the deep storage underneath. These really should be included for 50K+.
  3. bth62

    bth62 New Member

    Thx -- I'd prefer to purchase since I'm not sure if it will work out ... but appreciate the offer.
  4. Sandhopper

    Sandhopper Rockstar 100 Posts

    Agreed, I will either try to find a salvaged one or get a new one for the same reason. I want to be able to change it back if I decide I don't like it. Looks like it should pop out relativly easily. Good Luck.

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