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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by 4x4_only, Aug 12, 2008.

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    Hey all, quick question.

    My cousin is changing out his plugs & wires on his chevy whiled he's replacing his headers and asked me a question that I'm a little stumped on.

    THe regular champion platinum plugs have a gap of .45 but he was looking at a set of the Champion Truck PLugs and these have a gap of .70...both are "OEM Replacements" for his truck. I have .45's in mine and were running fine....70 seems a little excessive on the gap.

    Even the Chilton's Manual states a plug gap/reach of .45. Why are the champion truck plugs .70? Would there be any adverse effects if he went with the truck plugs & a gap of .70.
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    are you sure that the plugs just arent at 70 as a starting postition that way they can be considered stock replacement for several different vehicles, and that he also needs to buy a gap gauge and put the plugs down to 45, the stock replacement plugs for my 93 bronco are that way, i will have to close the gap before i install, also, i am no mech but just guessing that he isnt gonna like the feel of having .70 gap, thats a lot of space for a spark to fail

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