changed brake pads, yet still get a screaching and knocking when i brake and turn

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by billie, Aug 31, 2010.

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    I recently got hubby to do my brakes, since when i hit them it screetched. so he changed them and when i was driving and h it the brakes, by rear brakes grabbed and it felt like the car lowered. and yes, still screetched. The rotors are new and there is a noticible knocking when i turn left, and sometimes when i am driving.

    i have a 1996 pontiac sunfire, 2.2l sedan, 5spd. i really am trying to get 5-6yrs out of it more, and can't afford a new car right now.

    please help! my husband is a army vet of 10yrs and currently reserves. He does all he can, but this is just out of his 'mechanic' range to fix. we just can't seem to find out what is making it do this. I do fear whatever is making the sound will break as i am driving with my 2 children in the car.

    feel free to reply here, or email me at thank you so much!


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    sorry i didn't notice this was a gm truck page, i was linked to it via google. sorry!
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    Hi Billie, first of all, we're not 100% about trucks. Our interests here are primarilly GM products and that would include your sunfire. So no need to appologize.:glasses:

    Billie it sounds like you have a couple different problems here. For one a knocking sound when you turn usually indicates that a CV joint is failing or close to failing. I strongly suggest that if you replace the CV shaft, you have them both replaced. They don't usually fail together, but typically within a couple thousand miles of each other at most.

    As far as screeching brakes, if your brakes are ceramic they are prone to being a little noisy. They usually grab better and last longer than their cheaper counterpart which are semi-metalic. The noise tends to come from the pads not grabbing the rotor very tightly. When this happens the assembly vibrates and causes a squealing noise.

    The rear end lowering. Well the best I can say with this one is if your rear brakes were grabbing a lot better than the front you would have a lowering effect in the rear. You could replicate this by putting the parking brake on as hard as you can. Then placing the car in drive and lightly accelerating. You will feel the rear of the car lower as the front tries to pull the car forward. If this feels the same as what you're describing then you probably don't have a problem in the rear.

    Does the brake pedal feel hard, or soft when you press it?

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