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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by d_stang_j, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. d_stang_j

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    new to the site, have a 91 silverado 5.7 2wd, anyways heres my issue, i was driving the other day and when i was just coasting the check engine light came on, and when i started to accelerate the light would go off, so i got home and pulled the codes, 12 like always and 22 (TPS), and ive have a high idle issue also (i thought it might be since i just move to albuquerque, nm the altitude might have had something to do with the idle idk) so i figured id change the tps sensor and see what happened since it was a cheap part, i changed it out and now it shifts hard into gear and takes forever to change from first to second and when it does it slams into gear, so i thought i might have gotten a bad tps, so i put the old one on same deal, took the new one back and exchanged it for another and still same issue, i also disconnected the battery for half an hour and same thing, im at a loss, cant figure out what happened from just changing out the tps, dvom readings for the tps are 5.043 on the grey wire, .802 on the blue wire at idle and 3.280 at wot, any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks D.J.
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  2. d_stang_j

    d_stang_j New Member

    messed with it all day, went to junkyard and pull and ecm and changed out, no at a loss....
  3. Josh

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    did you ever get it figured out.
  4. d_stang_j

    d_stang_j New Member

    yeah turned out that the tv cable or kickdown cable (cable from trans to tb) had came out of the bracket it snaps into cause one of the two clips that hold it in the steel bracket had broken off at one time or another and it was sitting behind the bracket adding just about another half inch or so to the length causing long and hard shifts, put it back in bracket and put a zip tie on the front side til i find another (or might just leave it alone) and it works and runs like a champ

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