Changes in '95 thru '99 Suburban?

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    I am curious to know if there were significant changes in the 1990's Suburban? Meaningful changes bumper to bumper? Good changes? Bad changes? I'm shopping for a burban, leaning toward a '99 but wondering if I should consider other 90-something vehicles. Any data would help with my decision-making.

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    95 was TBI, 96 and up was Vortec. Both run fine. The TBI is simpler to troubleshoot, but the Vortec has more power. Either way, Subs are great vehicles. I wanted a Sub, but my friend brought a Tahoe back from auction. Really wish I had said no. They run forever, 200k is very common.
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    '98 was the first year for the Autotrac NV246 tcase (whether that's good or not is open for debate). Before that was a standard part-time 4wd tcase (243 I think).

    '95 4L60E (1500 transmission) is somewhat unique, and isn't plug and play swappable with other years. Not necessarily a significant change, unless you decide to replace a bad transmission with something from a junkyard.

    Out of curiosity, are you looking for a 1500 or 2500? Drivetrain in the 2500 is generally considered stronger than in the 1500.
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