changing e-brake cable tomorrow

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  1. vkdub

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    The e-brake cable on my 2002 suburban broke and I need to buy the part to replace it tomorrow. The cable from the handle to the actual foot brake lever. Anyone have experience doing that? is it a difficult task? Looks pretty simple to me, but just checking for any gotchas or anything.

    Thanks for the help.
  2. unplugged

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    I knew there was a reason I never use the parking brake. I just leave it in park.
    Please take a few pics and do a small narrative in the How To section. I'm sure that others will benefit.
  3. vkdub

    vkdub New Member

    Easy fix

    OK so after finally being able to get to the dealership for the part (couldn't find it at Schucks, Auto-storeX, etc) I finally was able to put it in. Sorry forgot to take pictures, but it is really so easy even I could do it.

    Requirements = 1 rachet drive or wrench that fits the only screw holding it on. 1 new E-brake handle/cable part.

    - Unscrew the screw holding the E-brake release handle to the dash's under-side.
    - You may need to cut the zip ties bundling the cable with other wires underneath there.
    - Screw on the new handle.
    - Be prescriptive about the way you bend the cable to the E-brake linkage (foot part).
    - Place a section (plastic piece) of the cable into an elbow bracket by the foot linkage.
    - Pull the manual release toward the cable and place the cable end piece into the obvious place where it goes.

    Yer Dun!

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