Changing out the 2 backseat windows???

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by kawierider1990, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. kawierider1990

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    i am planning on changing out my two backseat windows on my 93 chevy. i am replacing them with windows from a 97 chevy because those windows dont have the refective glass like mine. Im not real sure of how to do it.....can anyone help me?
  2. silveradotrailblazer

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    Welcome to the club. Sorry can't help you but I'm sure someone on this site can.
  3. kawierider1990

    kawierider1990 New Member

    Hey thanks! This seems like a very interesting and knowledgible club! Im excited to be a part of it.
  4. nytro2288

    nytro2288 New Member

    Crew cab or ext cab?

    Is your truck a crew cab or extended cab? The crew cab will be much easier for the DIYer. Those windows are bolt ins. Run the windows all the way down, then remove the panels and the rubber/felt weatherstrip. This will give the glass a bit of free movement. Plug the switch back in and run the windows to where you have access to the two 10mm bolts attaching them to the regulator. Once those bolts are out, the glass should pull right up and out of the door on the outer side of the window opening.
    If you've got an extended cab, it's a more complicated job. These windows are all installed with urethane adhesive, the same stuff used to install windshields. The ext cabs had both fixed or stationary windows, or the type which pivot open. The stationary windows can be removed and replaced but it's a difficult job and scratching the paint is very easy, as is damaging the frame of the glass. You've got to cut through that urethane from the inside of the truck with the proper knife, either a long and thin extended utility knife, or a power tool like one of the many multi tools on the market today. Once the glass is out, scrape the remaining old urethane off the body. Any scratches on the pinchweld must be treated with primer from the same manufacturer of the urethane you're using. Make sure the insides of your new windows are freshly cleaned and completely dry, especially the outer perimeter where the glass will contact the urethane. Check the urethane to see if it requires another primer for the glass. If so, it will be a different primer. Do not use the pinchweld primer on the glass! Run a consistent 3/8" to 1/2" round bead of urethane around the window opening, making sure you get good contact on the body so the urethane doesn't roll off its proper line. Set the glass in place and give it a good firm push into place so it sits flush. It's best to let the truck sit for an hour minimum if you can. Don't wash it for 48 hours.
    If you've got an ext cab with pivoting quarter windows, do yourself a favor and have a pro do it. Those have a slightly different frame which is more difficult to remove and easier to damage. Removing the glass only without the frame will weaken the pivot points and prevent the glass from sealing completely and you'll get wind noise. Worst case would be the glass will come loose and fall out. It can and has happened. Hope this helps. Good luck with it.

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