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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Chevyguy69, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. Chevyguy69

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    Mine 08 is now out of warranty and I finally get to change the oil myself! I knew I could before if I had documentation but I went for this "customer for life" deal which included free oil changes and tire rotation. Long story short- when I changed it last night it was really black with only 6k miles! They claimed they were using partially synthetic oil and the oil filter was one I've never heard of- Service Pro and couldn't find any info on it. It actually felt heavier than my $12 Mobil 1 filter or maybe just my imagination.

    Can someone tell me how many quarts my 4.8 holds? I googled it and couldn't believe I got different answers...5 or 6!! I've misplaced my manual but think it said 6. Am I right?

    One more thing...Unlike my old 94 Z-71, I had a time trying to tighten the filter and still don't feel 100% safe! Is there a special tool for it? I've never put on a wrench to tighten. I have a chain type wrench, a cap style. I guess I need a slim jim thingy. All I could get was 3 fingers on it! They shoulda made a little room! Lol:happy:
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    This is the service pro web site, they are made by champ labs, they use a synthetic filter medium. link to web site, They make a standard and synthetic filter./ 6 quart capacity with the filter change.
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    Thanks Summit!
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  5. Chevyguy69

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    Cool! Thanks man!
  6. 95C1500

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    was the oil real thick? Black oil isn't necessarily bad. one of the purposes oil has is to remove debris from the engine. when you drain the oil, the contaminants come out with it. If the oil filter is a "synthetic" it will be heavier because they use thick material for the oil filter....
  7. Chevyguy69

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    Yes it was thick. Yes with higher mileage I would agree about black oil but mine just turned 28k.

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    Yes it was thick. Yes with higher mileage I would agree about black oil but mine just turned 28k.
  8. poncho62

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    The oil filter you took off is heavier because it still has some oil in it. Run this oil change for 3-4000 miles and see what it looks like. To me, 6000 is a bit too long
  9. JimmyA

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    I change my oil @ 5,000mi intervals cuz it's easy to keep up with! I use Mobile1 syn oil and a puralator filter.
  10. j cat

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    when you have had these oil changes you did check that they changed the oil right ?

    you did/do check the oil on a regular routine ? this black engine oil new or new to you ?

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