Chaning the fuel filter

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    Changing the fuel filter

    It seems to be a fairly simple task, since I can see the filter underneath.

    I'm a bit confused by my manual though and want to confirm.

    1)Disconnect the negative battery cable
    2)Loosen the filler cap
    3)Connect a fuel pressure gauge to the fuel pressure tap. Wrap a shop towel around the fitting while connecting the gauge to avoid spilling fuel
    4)Connect a bleed hose to the gauge and insert the other end into a suitable container for storing fuel
    5)Open the valve to bleed the system

    Disconnect the fuel lines
    Remove the fuel filter from the mounting bolt.

    My burb is a '98. I didn't think I needed a fuel pressure gauge to do this maintenance?
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  2. GaryL

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    They are just trying to get you to de-pressurize the system. You can do it with out the pressure gauge. I usually loosen the front connector on the filter just a little and let the fuel drip out from there, just make sure your face isn't underneath it when you do it. When it stops dripping, remove and replace the filter.
  3. IrishBrewer

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    The easiest way to depressurize the system is to pop the hood and remove the fuel pump fuse (or relay - position is clearly marked on the cover of the under-hood fuse panel). Then try to start the car. It should crank but not start or if it does start, it will die quickly due to lack of fuel. Takes 2 minutes.

    The tricky part about changing the fuel filter is actually getting the quick connect off of it if you have a 5.3L flex fuel engine. If it is not flex fuel, the filter should have threaded connections on both sides. For flex fuel, you have one threaded, and one quick connect. (It is indeed quick connect but a pain to disconnect). I think the first year for flex fuel in the Suburbans was '02 so you probably don't have to worry about this on your '98.

    You need a special tool to remove the quick connect it runs about ten bucks and is called "Lisle 35000 - GM Flex Fuel Disconnect Tool". You insert two halves of the tool around the quick connect side of the fuel line and attach the tool handle to the two halves and push the tool away from the filter into the line. This disengages the quick connnect.

    Have a catch pan handy as you loosen the fittings as there will still be some fuel in the filter and lines. It shouldn't spray out since the system has been depressurized, however. The new filter goes on a lot easier than the old one comes off.
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    In all honesty, it's as easy as easy can get. If I can do it a monkey with a hammer and dental floss could probably do it!

    Even if there's a little pressure in the system, I don't think it's going to ruin your engine. It's just going to pee a little gas here and there, but nothing that you're not able to catch with a basin or bucket. The filter is easy to get to, easy to wrench off, then it's just a matter of making sure the threads are on straight with the new filter and you're good to go.

    Good luck with it all,

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