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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by Jimbo3, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Jimbo3

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    As most of you probably know.. I have an 06 silverado ext cab LTZ 4x4 and I would like to do some cheap appearance mods... so if you have any ideas or if you can post pictures of your 06 (or same body style) that would be awesome.... I'm getting bored of the truck the way it looks, I want to change things up a bit
  2. adampaul1964

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    Depends on what you like and what you call cheap, you could add chrome or go the paint match route. I went the chrome route myself. Some people De-badge, I added badges! My favorite cheap mod so far is the painted calipers! And don't forget the GMTruck club decal!!

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  3. Jimbo3

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    well i'm a college student with a monthly payment.. so anything cheap for a kid is cheap lol... I want to make the truck like stick out more.. I was maybe thinking adding dual firesticks for a cb radio.. How do you paint the calipers? and I have the stock rims... would you even be able to see the painted calipers? and I love your truck btw, beautiful
  4. fatneck13

    fatneck13 New Member

    Check out my thread:

    Similar sort of deal except I bought a new Silverado WT. I am on a phenomenally tight budget, but want to make some changes since my truck basically looks like a government work vehicle.

    Right now my plans are:

    • Debadge - basically free. I am really doing it to free up space for vinyl lettering.
    • Paint Front Bowtie - cost of paint and elbow grease
    • Tint - haven't priced yet but seems in my range.
    • Paint the Steel Wheels - haven't decided for sure but I might do it. Though it looks like you already have nice rims.
    • Bedrug Bedliner - I already ordered this. Not cheap I know, but I think of it as an investment. And honestly it looks really sharp.
    • Tool Sticker on the Rear Window - :sign0011:
    • Girlfriend In a Bikini In the Passenger Seat - Never mind that costs more than my truck.
    • Level Lift.
    I would also like to eventually get Wet Okole seat covers. Unfortunately these are expensive as well so I am not sure even down the road if I will do it, but again like the bedliner I kinda feel like they will pay for themselves eventually.

    Also my truck is a 2WD so I am going to put Snow Tires on the stock steelies in the winter and hopefully in the spring buy a new wheel set. Again expensive but I do genuinely need the snow tires it is a good excuse for me to go out and get new wheels.

    I thought about getting chrome covers for the mirrors and hands but again I have the black front end so I am just going to work with that to keep it cheap.
  5. yotchie

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    im lookin to go to a decal place to have some different 4x4 decals made up. something unique. just a small touch to make it my own. you could try lookin into that

    and i have a 4x4 but i am still gonna use the same excuse to get new wheels:lol:
  6. ChevyFan

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    Adam where you been?
  7. adampaul1964

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    Nowhere really, LOL. I check on the site fairly regularly, just haven't been posting much. I laughed when I saw this thread, my truck looks totally different now!

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