Cheapest way to hard wire an ipod

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by rrh5w, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. rrh5w

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    I just purchased an 02 Silverado 2500 and wanted to know the cheapest and simplest way I can hard wire my ipod. The head unit in the truck is simply an am/fm tuner with no CD or tape deck. Is there any way to do this with the head unit I have or do I need to look for a whole new head unit??
  2. GMPartsClub

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    Not sure about this question as it's a 2002. Probably have to go aftermarket head unit, unless you want to cut and splice the wires. There is probably an aftermarket wire adapter too that you might be able to find for use with a iPod.
  3. scrappiedew1

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    i pod

    my son worked at best buy if your radio can hook up to the i pod that is the question if it dose then all it is a adapter cable then you plug your i pod in and go

  4. scrappiedew1

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    the question is will your radio take the ipod ?? then it is just a adapter cable they or you plug into the head unit the adapter is sold at like best buy . :lol:
  5. s5belford

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    My neighbor has one of those too, they're really cool but they don't make then for 09's yet...
  6. rrh5w

    rrh5w New Member

    how do I see whether or not my radio can take the adapter??
  7. azdrtdog

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    Get a fm transmitter that works on 99.3 type adapter
  8. FordAssasin

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    Ok this is my field,if you want to go stay cheap go with an FM transmitter only that sucks about those things is the reception,Or you can go to and i entered in your info and on the right you have all the kits they make for your truck that just plug in to your factory wiring i know when you see the prices your gonna be like whoa!! But its the best way to connect your ipod some of the adapters even let you control the ipod from your stock stereo.I have the transmitter and it sucks big time you have to play with the volume of the transmitter and your stereo and you have to deal with all the hissing from interference,I cant use the adapter cuz i have the stock CD player so i have to upgrade my stereo in order to hook my ipod up so that you best bet for sound quality and hookup no splicing.Just a note you can get this adapter off ebay for way cheaper just write down the number of the interface and go to ebay hope this helps
  9. Stealth

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