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    Last week I was out of town and my 2000 K2500 454 4wdr. started stalling when you first accellerate. My wife was driving it and took it to a shop. They installed a fuel filter and cleaned the MAF sensor. (Charged her $200.00) That took care of the stalling. When she picked it up, the check engine light was on. (History: When I first bought this, the check engine light would come on for a few days and go off for weeks. It has a rear O2 code, but the last person to work on it removed the O2 and the wiring to it.) Anyway it seemed normal until a week went by and the light did not go off. I checked the codes and it has an EGR valve code now. Did they do something to it? Can these be cleaned or just replaced? Where is a good place to get one? $140.00 is a little too high I think.
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    Not to sound rude or anything but did you look under the hood and make sure they hooked everything back up correctly after the last trip to the shop?
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    What are the exact codes your are getting.
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    P0175 O2 lean on bank 2 (This is the old code).
    P0401 EGR system failure

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