Check Engine Lite On/ code P0101/

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  1. Madman

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    Check Engine Lite On/ code P0101/ mass. air flow or volume air flow /circuit range performance problem
    This code comes on about once a week after i clear it
    i have recently cleaned my airbox and filter
    its a K&N and when the light first came on it didnt have Any oil in the filter
    after oiling the light came on again after a week or so
    ihave cleaned my maf sensor by blowing on it but as of today i havent used maf cleaner on it?
    what do you guys suggest
  2. Montana

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    My dealer gave me heck for putting K&N's all of our vehicles here at the station. They said that the K&N's don't filter properly for t he exterme environment ( completely plugged in 10,000 miles) we run in. They also said that if you do not allow the oil to dry for 24 hours before the filter is installed, the oil will be pulled through and coat the MAF causing dust to stick to it. Don't know how true it is, but that is what they told me. I'm still running the K&N's, but run a paper filter for 24-48 hours while the filter dries, and cleaning then about every 6,000 miles. HTH
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    That is absolutely true. Any gauze filter that you have to oil lets dirt in. Hold one that is un-oiled up to a light and look through it. Now look at all the holes. These holes is why you oil it, to try and fill them. How many of you have heard that they filter better the dirtyer they get? This is due to the holes being pluged with large particals. A cellulose filter filters 10x better than a gauze filter. I know a whole lot of people run them, but it is not a good idea if you want to protect your engine.
  4. Madman

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    I see you guys are talking about oiling and stuff
    but when the light first came on there was no oil on the filter
    do you think its time for me to get a new maf?
  5. ukrkoz

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    1. the obvious one: clean the MAF grid with MAF approved cleaner. it is very likely - and I am guilty as charged - that oil got on it and causes havoc. I have my opinion on other posts and what your dealer says about K&N, but it is irrelevant. one thing I do know is that overoiling and not letting oil dry enough, WILL suck it onto sensors anywhere downstream from the filter.
    2. P0101 OBD-II Trouble Code
    Technical Description

    Mass Air Flow (MAF) Circuit Range/Performance Problem
    What does that mean?

    Basically this means that there is a problem with the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor or circuit. The PCM detects that the actual MAF sensor frequency signal is not within a predetermined range of the calculated MAF value for more than 4.0 seconds.


    You will likely not notice any serious drivability problems, although there may be symptoms.
    Possible Solutions

    The simplest thing to do is to reset the code and see if it comes back. Then start with the cheapest, easiest repair procedures:

    * Inspect for the following conditions:
    An incorrectly routed harness--Inspect the harness of the MAF sensor in order to verify that it is not routed too close to the following components:
    - The secondary ignition wires or coils
    - Any solenoids
    - Any relays
    - Any motors
    * A low minimum air rate through the sensor bore may cause this DTC to set at idle or during deceleration. Inspect for any vacuum leaks downstream of the MAF sensor.
    * A wide open throttle (WOT) acceleration from a stop should cause the MAF sensor g/s display on the scan tool to increase rapidly. This increase should be from 6-12 g/s at idle to 230 g/s or more at the time of the 1-2 shift. If the increase is not observed, inspect for a restriction in the induction system or the exhaust system.
    * The barometric pressure (BARO) that is used in order to calculate the predicted MAF value is initially based on the MAP sensor at key ON.
    * When the engine is running the MAP sensor value is continually updated near WOT. A skewed MAP sensor will cause the calculated MAF value to be inaccurate. The value shown for the MAP sensor display varies with the altitude. With the ignition ON and the engine OFF, 103 kPa is the approximate value near sea level. This value will decrease by approximately 3 kPa for every 305 meters (1,000 feet) of altitude.
    * A high resistance on the ground circuit of the MAP sensor can cause this DTC to set.
    * Any loss of vacuum to the MAP sensor can cause this DTC to set.

    If you suspect the condition may be related to aftermarket accessories, refer to Checking Aftermarket Accessories in Wiring Systems.:rules:
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    This thread seems to be popular once again ... for various reasons.

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