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  1. SoundZman

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    I've been listening to these guys for about a year now. It's call "The Under the Hood Show", they broadcast on FM but also provide a Podcast on iTunes of their shows.

    The Under the Hood Show!

    Basically people call in with automotive questions and they provide suggestions and real world experiences. One of the guys is a ASC Certified Master Technician and the other guys is a parts guru as he & his family owns a dismantling yard. They also have a website where they sell their "certified recycled" parts. I believe they been doing this show since about 1990...

    Anyway just wanted to recommend this to those of you who are interested in listening to some professionals give some "on topic" advice.
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  2. hotrodking86

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    I will have to give them a listen through podcast. I have heard a couple of these types of shows herein So Cal but they are extremely boring, so if you are reccomending yours I will try it out.
  3. SoundZman

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    Hey I'm not saying it can't get boring from time to time. I have over 3000 songs on my iPod and they can get boring as well. But this Podcast helps to break up those stale times.

    If your an enthusiast like me then you may enjoy the expertise they provide. Since I don't have a lot of experience working on vehicles I find it to be entraining.

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