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    Ok, so I recently aquired the new Forza Motorsport 3 game for the xbox 360. Let me tell you something, for the first time, they introduced a drag strip to the game. Also for the first time, they introduced trucks too. The trucks that they have are the Dodge Ram SRT10 and the Saleen F-150. NO SILVERADO SS!! I think that we should either get a petition going so that they will make it for the first car download pack that comes out. We all know that the AWD Silverado SS would absolutely whoop up on any other truck with the right modifications which this game is absolutely capable of. Also, it will help you get a realistic idea on what and how to modify/tune your truck like other performance tuners have done. FM3 is most customizable game there is out there when it comes to cars. People have designed paint schemes for cars and actually put them to use in the real world, such as Ken Blocks Suburu. PLEASE HELP OUT AND SPREAD THE WORD SO WE CAN GET OUR FAVORITE PERFORMANCE TRUCK ON THIS GAME



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