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    I'm a loyal Chevrolet owner and have bought and owned over 25 new Chevys in the last 20 years for personal and business use. I recently bought a new 2013 Chevy Suburban that I am not happy with. It just deosn't have the towing power I need. It currently has 2200 miles, no damage and has been returned to the dealership. I want to replace it with a new 2013 Chevy Silverado with the Duramax. When I called Chevrolet to enquire as to how the program works I was told I took delivery 5 days before the program started and the vehicle could not be returned as part of the Buy Back Program. Can anyone give me some suggestions as to who to contact at Chevrolet to see what can be done?

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    Out of curiosity-did you check what the rear end gearing of the Suburban was before your purchase? How about vehicle's towing capacity? How about what the capacity is as far as tongue weight?
    What is the weight of your trailer? Have you weighed it? Have you weighed it totally loaded up/with water, propane, batteries and gear? What kind of weight distributing hitch do you use? Is it properly adjusted? What type of tires did the Suburban have? P or LT tires?

    There is a big difference between a Suburban and a Duramax as far as towing capacity. If you don't know the answers to all of the above questions-I don't feel it's GM's fault, regardless of how many products you may have bought from them.
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    The answer to your questions are all yes. I have owned over 10 Suburbans in the last 20 years and still own my 2003 8.1 3:73 Suburban which tows great. My goal is not to bash GM. I made the mistake of buying the wrong drivetrain. However I did use GM's published information to make this decision. I am just looking for the proper way to correct my and Chevrolet's mistake.

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    am just looking for the proper way to correct my and Chevrolet's mistake.

    Please explain how it is Chevrolet's mistake? YOU CAME out of the 2003 Suburban which is much more vehicle than what you bought. I have a 2010-5.3 Silverado 1500 which I use to tow a 5,500 travel trailer. Would a Duramax give me a better tow experience? Absolutely. But in my case I don't no how it (Duramax) performs because I have never owned a larger truck.
    BUT, if it's published in the towing guide and your trailer falls within the specs-don't blame Chevrolet.

    Maybe you have recourse by being such a good customer. But I would talk to the dealer and GM Corporate and explain to them the wrong buying decision you made and try not to blame them for publishing false or overly optimistic information. THAT, would be my plan.

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    The old GM would have handled this differently. They would not have held you to the 5 day deal as there ads were already publicizing it and gave the impression that it was in force at the time of your purchase. This is akin to a bait and switch technique that federal laws are supposed to prevent. But like many issue as of late GM seems to forget where they got there money from and who is loyal to a fault to there company. Sadly the New GM is not customer service oriented and I fear that will hurt the LOGO don the road.

    I wish you luck in your endeavor as many owners who are having difficulties working with the NEw GM.

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    "This is akin to a bait and switch technique"

    If it was important to him AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE he would have asked about it and clarified the program. As it stands, he feels he didn't buy enough truck and then wanted to return it under a program that did not exist until 5 days later. HOW IS THAT BAIT AND SWITCH?

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    Well i suppose you can either trade it in or make some modifications, such as regearing the vehicle yourself and running a programmer, because unfortunately they aren't required to honor the program that didn't exist when you bought the vehicle. That's just how it works. I work at a Honda dealership and those programs like that normally lead to a reimbursement from corporate for the mileage and use on a returned vehicle. Since the paper trail doesn't contain your vehicle within the program date, it will be nearly impossible to make them budge. Don't worry i'm sure it's not anything personal, it's just business.

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