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  1. Bavarian

    Bavarian New Member

    I would like to ask a question.
    Are in the USA some Europe Chevrolet/Daewoo models (like Captiva/Cruze) to buy and as they sell???
    In Germany we have only about 20-25 dealer who sells the "right" chevrolet (with v6or v8 engines) all other "chevrolet dealer" sells only cars like captiva and so we can`t buy parts for real Chevys/GMC´s...
    How is the parts supply for cars like captiva in USA?
    Thank`s, Martin
  2. lonelywolf858

    lonelywolf858 Rockstar 100 Posts

    I have only seen a few Captivas around. Anything you need made by a car manufacturer can be gotten at any dealership that carries those brands. It really isn't difficult to get parts for most cars even if they aren't being made anymore. The aftermarket over here is also enormous and you could usually get a comparable part for a lot less money.
  3. Conlan Rose

    Conlan Rose Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    My truck is 17 years old and anytime I randomly stop at Autozone they almost always have the part I need or can get it in by the end of the day. Also almost always has the right AC Delco part for any GM vehicle sold usally by AC Delco. Anyway GM is smart and makes some parts fit several different models or engines even if they are from different generations.
  4. Bavarian

    Bavarian New Member

    In Germany, I can buy the important parts, but they are very expensive! (Oxygen Sensor for my Sierra-->85Euro!!!the same at 30Euro with shipping)
    I think it´s intension of the German Country, we can not import a new diesel car (duramax, powerstroke, cummins) cause "angie" dont like that co2 we almost must buy a "old" diesel car,who has at least a daily registration in the USA, it´s unintelligible for me...

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