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    HELLO.I have interest on knowing what kind of truck is this one: I think is a GMC C-7000... is it a LOW PROFILE TRUCK????? does it has a STRAIGHT TRUCK chassis or does it shares its chassis with the smaller C30-C50 trucks?????I want to find one just so I can built a RACE TRUCK (yeah you got that right, a RACE TRUCK) Rules allow me to use any COMMERCIAL TRUCK engine either DIESEL or GASOLINE...I want to go with a V8 427 or the smaller V8 366 GAS engine, but I think they can not be MODIFIED (because they are TALL DECK) Don't really want to go with the DIESEL engine, because everyone here does that... And I love those BIG ol' V8 GAS TRUCK ENGINES. My friends form FRANKENSTEIN RACING TEAM have a FORD F700 (sorry about mentioning a FORD) RACE TRUCK in similar fashion as the concept I had in mind for the CHEVROLET / GMC C-SERIES RACE TRUCK.[​IMG] I want to use 22.5 rims on my race truck concept, but with the smaller tires so it can be as close to the ground as I want it.
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    Jump on the Vin code and get quicker answers.

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