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    Does anyone know where I can get one of those "CHEVROLET" emblems that run across the whole tailgates on the 88-95 models? Ive been looking on craigslist forever and cant find one. The ones at the wrecking yards all have some type of blemish on them. The one on my truck was stripped off when I bought it and all that shows is the primer where it used to be. Im tempted to just go buy a 97 model tailgate, but im trying to keep it looking original. Thanks for any help.
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    I am looking for one of those too i cannot find anything on them i have found all other decals and molding on the face of the earth besides that. I need one for my 94 cuz all the black paint is gone from rusting. I cant even find it on LMC truck and they usually have everything
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    What you are looking for is called a tailgate band. They have them at LMC Truck. They are HUGELY expensive. They are not removable without destroying them, so a used one is not an option. It would be cheaper to have the tailgate re painted!
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