Chevrolet Volt - GM's Concept Electric Vehicle - Could Nearly Eliminate Trips To The

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    The Chevrolet Volt concept sedan, powered by the E-flex System – GM’s next-generation electric propulsion system – could nearly eliminate trips to the gas station.
    The Chevrolet Volt is a battery-powered, four-passenger electric vehicle that uses a gas engine to create additional electricity to extend its range. The Volt draws from GM’s previous experience in starting the modern electric vehicle market when it launched the EV1 in 1996, according to GM Vice Chairman Robert A. Lutz.

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    E85 ethanol is just a marketing scheme used by farmers to sell more corn. It has half the BTU's as gasoline. Which mean it would run out twice as fast. Thus causing you to take more trips to the gas station. The only advantage is that it is slightly better for the environment.

    But the electric car is a cool idea for short trips.

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